Conventions are fun times, but they don’t run themselves. Volunteers are essential to the success of any convention and WoTCon is no different. Volunteering is a great way to give back to the WoT Community and make some new friends in the process. In the Old Tongue, Aes Sedai means Servants of All. So in the spirit of serving a greater good and making WotCon a better experience for all, please sign up to Volunteer. 

WoTCon is Made By Fans – For Fans. 

Ready to become a WotCon volunteer?

We appreciate any time you can devote to help making WoTCon a success!

Volunteer Registration will open on March 1, 2023

General Responsibilities for All Volunteers

  • Arrive promptly for scheduled volunteer times, and promptly notify the Volunteer Coordinator of any issues that will prevent you from being on time/filling your scheduled slot(s);
  • Be able to answer general/common questions from attendees, and direct individuals to correct areas as requested/asked;
  • Be reasonably well versed in the duties/area in which you are volunteering (i.e., general familiarity with registration if volunteering to help with registration);
  • Be familiar with contact information and duties for the different sections of Convention Staff;
  • Wear appropriate identifier for volunteers when performing volunteer functions;
  • Report unruly or suspicious behavior; and
  • Most importantly: Be friendly, warm, kind, energetic, and accessible to convention attendees, staff, guests, and other volunteers.

*NOTE: The main form of communication will be Email and Discord. Discord will be used for open communication between all volunteers, and as a source for information. It will have links to WoTCon information, volunteer schedule, events, Duties and Responsibilities, etc.