How much will it cost to attend?2023-11-19T23:31:44-05:00

To attend in person, a membership ticket must be purchased. All tickets include meals. We have two levels available:

  • Standard Membership: $180
  • All-Inclusive Membership: $360
Do I have to pay for parking at the hotel during my stay?2023-11-19T23:13:49-05:00

No. Self-parking is complimentary.

Is there a special hotel rate for the con?2023-11-21T10:03:18-05:00

Yes, the special rate is $139 – $169 per night. For more details, visit our Travel and Hotel page.

Will there be any special guests?2023-11-19T23:21:19-05:00

Yes! Actor Guy Roberts who plays fan-favorite Uno Nomesta is WoTCon’s guest of honor in 2024. We also have additional special guests we will be announcing very soon. 

What else can I expect from the program?2023-11-19T23:10:45-05:00

We want to make it easy for everyone to participate and make friends, even if you came knowing no one. Whether you want to show off your cosplay skills or play a quiet game of stones we are planning ways for you to find your people and have a blast.

What will panels be like?2023-11-19T23:09:43-05:00

There are several rooms specifically set up for more intimate panels, discussions, and recordings. Panels will be led by fans and content creators discussing topics ranging from Show Theories to Content Creation Advice, to workshops on Memes or the Old Tongue, to live recordings of your favorite podcasts. Each panel will include a trained moderator.

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