Volunteer duties will be dependent on the needs of the section in which volunteers are assisting. Below is a breakdown of the different volunteer sections and their duties.

Welcome Wagon/Registration

  • Assist Registration Coordinator with on-site registration of attendees
  • Answer general/common questions regarding registration (e.g., What is included in the ticket? What is the difference between a VIP and regular ticket?)
  • Assist registration section with matching attendees to convention badges/packages
  • Assist with logging/checking in attendees as they pick up their registration packages
  • Welcome attendees as they arrive and check in
  • Answer questions from attendees about the convention schedule, areas, events, etc.
  • Help ensure those with accessibility needs know where and what accessibility features are available when asked

WoTCon Vendor Area

  • Monitor the WoTCon merchandise/vendor area for potential theft/accidental non-payment
  • Assist vendors as needed with setup and/or tear down of their spaces as available
  • Facilitate the purchase of merchandise using available resources (e.g., purchase software)
  • Notify convention staff when/if merchandise is running low (in case we have more)
  • Answer questions about merchandise, including cost and availability of out of stock items
  • Provide attendees with online ordering information (where items can be ordered online) as requested for additional/no longer in stock merchandise


This volunteer role is specifically designated for professional and/or skilled-amateur photographers who can provide their own equipment

  • Assist WoTCon marketing team by taking photographs at the Con for use in WoTCon marketing materials and social media posts

  • Coordinate with other photography volunteers and the WoTCon marketing team to ensure relevant events are being covered and a variety of attendees, volunteers, Builders, and guests are being captured

Set Up/Tear Down

  • Assist with the set up/tear down of event spaces as needed
  • Assist with the cleaning/sanitization of event spaces as needed
  • Help carry/move required equipment from area to area as needed (if able)
  • Help ensure venue is being treated with respect and not damaged/misused/left dirty or out of order during convention time frame


  • Monitor the entrances to convention spaces to ensure only paid-attendees/badge-holders enter the area
  • Monitor convention space exits to ensure they are not being used as entrances
  • Monitor entrances/exits to VIP spaces to ensure only VIPs and other authorized persons enter the space

Event Volunteer

  • Assist event’s MC with anything needed
  • Assist with Q&A, organizing questions, and passing microphone
  • Assist with miscellaneous needs that arise for facilitation of events

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