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Will I need to show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test?2021-11-26T01:22:43-05:00

You will be required to show proof of vaccination. For all other COVID-19-related procedures, we intend to follow CDC Guidelines.

Will you offer lifetime memberships?2021-11-26T01:22:04-05:00

Yes, as follows:

  • Lifetime Standard Membership: $800
  • Lifetime VIP Membership: $1,675
How much will it cost to attend?2021-11-26T01:21:41-05:00

To attend in person, a membership ticket must be purchased. All tickets include meals. We have two levels available:

  • Standard Membership: $150
  • VIP Membership: $330
I purchased a membership for WoTCon 2022, but am now unable to attend. Can I get a refund?2021-11-26T01:22:32-05:00

At this time, WoTCon is not offering membership refunds, but you can roll over your membership to WoTCon 2023.

Do I have to pay for parking at the hotel during my stay?2021-11-11T23:11:28-05:00

No. Self parking is complimentary.

Is there a special hotel rate for the con?2021-11-11T23:11:43-05:00

Yes, the special rate is $129 per night. For more details, visit our Travel and Hotel page.

When and where will the con be held?2021-11-11T23:11:15-05:00

Wot Con will be held between July 8th and 10th of 2022 in Columbus, OH at the Mariott Columbus Northwest.

Will masks be required at WoTCon?2022-06-26T19:52:21-04:00

es. Masks must be properly worn at all times while in identified convention spaces (mask requirements in other areas of the venue are subject to venue policies). Masks must be made of material that does not allow the easy passage of saliva/mucus (i.e., no mesh-material masks). Proper wearing of a mask is defined as wearing the mask in such a way that it covers both the nose and mouth at the same time. Masks may be temporarily removed for the following purposes:

  • Eating, drinking, etc.;
  • Photography; and
  • Cosplay/costume contests or events.
Will there be any special guests?2021-11-08T23:02:59-05:00

Yes! Most of these are not ready to be announced yet, but we can confirm everyone’s favorite Goblin YouTuber Daniel Greene, as well as the legendary narrators Michael Kramer and Kate Reading are on the schedule.

What will happen on the main stage?2021-11-08T23:03:36-05:00

Non-stop and can’t miss fun! The main stage will be an ongoing event where our MC The Innkeeper (Matt Hatch of The Dusty Wheel and Theoryland) keeps us all engaged, where our special guests including Daniel Greene and more can shine, where we will include audience participation games, scripted content from the incomparable Recappa Sedai, pre-recorded content from Wheel of Time luminaries who can’t be in person, and much more.

What will panels be like? 2021-11-08T23:04:10-05:00

There are several rooms specifically set up for more intimate panels, discussions, and recordings. Panels will be led by fans and content creators discussing topics ranging from Show Theories to Content Creation Advice, to workshops on Memes or the Old Tongue, to live recordings of your favorite podcasts. Each panel will include a trained moderator.

What else can I expect from the program?2021-11-08T23:04:37-05:00

We want to make it easy for everyone to participate and make friends, even if you came knowing no one. Whether you want to show off your cosplay skills or play a quiet game of stones we are planning ways for you to find your people and have a blast.

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