$50 is the cost for hosting a vendor booth at WoTCon2024.

However, you must purchase a ticket to the event. Vendors do not receive any special status at the event. Please purchase a VIP Ticket if you wish to participate in the VIP functions.


Table Placement:

The Vendor Hall at WoTCon is in the Atrium right in front of the Main Hall where the Main Programming will take place. The area will only be accessible by those who have purchased WoTCon tickets, but will be directly in front of the crowds to maximize your
sales. Space is limited.

Please also note that we will have a storeroom for you to store your wares when your area is closed. This will mean that if you want to protect your items, you will need to pack them away after the stand closes.

How many tables do you require for your space?

Vendor Times:

The Vendor Hall will have the following hours:

11am – 1pm (right before the Opening Ceremonies)
6pm – 10pm

9am – 10am (right before Main Session #2)
12pm – 7pm
9pm – 11pm (during the dance and party portion after Main Session #3)

9am – 11am (before Main Session #4)
1pm – 2pm (after the Closing Ceremonies and then Convention Ends)