WoTCon 2023 COVID-19 Policy

The WoTCon Staff are committed to the safety and health of all convention attendees, staff, volunteers, vendors, venue staff, and other persons in the area of, and close to, WoTCon. As such, WoTCon will follow all federal and local COVID-19 policies, as well as suggested best practices and/or guidelines as applicable. As the situation and guidance related to COVID-19 changes and evolves, WoTCon staff will ensure that the convention still operates within allowed policies and guidelines. Below are the current requirements/policies WoTCon will be utilizing:

  • As of 23 May 2023, WoTCon no longer requires attendees to be vaccinated or provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination.
  • The wearing of a mask is NOT required, however WoTCon encourages the use of masks as desired. This is subject to change as CDC and local guidelines and policies change.

Failure to comply with these policies–or updates to these policies pursuant to federal and/or local COVID-19 guidelines–constitutes grounds for expulsion/removal from the convention space. Any individuals denied entry to the convention or asked to leave for violation/failure to comply with the above policies will NOT be refunded.

General Guidelines/Best Practices

Here are some recommended guidelines/best practices we suggest:

  • If you are sick/feel sick, stay home;
  • Wash your hands and/or use hand sanitizer frequently;
  • When possible, practice social distancing (recommended six (6) feet distance between persons not from the same household/cohabitating);
  • If you have COVID-19/flu-like symptoms, get tested as soon as possible, even if you are fully immunized/vaccinated; and
  • Your physical proximity to people is your choice. If you are uncomfortable being close to/near groups of people, there is no shame in excusing yourself and/or wearing a mask.