Brand Mission/Purpose (what do we want to add to our fan community): To create an environment where fans and creators can directly interact and foster deeper bonds within the entire community. Give fans in-person engagement and give creators a platform to put their content in front of new audiences.

Brand Story: WoTCon is a Wheel of Time convention created for and run by fans of the Wheel of Time. At WoTCon, you will find an exciting and inclusive experience for readers and watchers, new and old.

Date and Location: Join us July 8-10, 2022 in Columbus, OH to make new friends, have fun, and celebrate the Wheel of Time!

Brand Values (what we are):

  • Inclusion: Everyone is welcome, and we will be doing everything possible to make WoTCon an experience any WoT fan or content creator can be part of.
  • Fun: We are building something meant to be a community experience, a celebration of WoT, the content creators, and all the fans. Games and social activities will be as important as panels. We are aiming to be a catalyst for building long-lasting friendships.
  • Engagement: We want to make sure that anyone who joins us is part of the experience. Many of us have read (and soon watched) the series without someone in our lives to share it with. We hope to create a space where every individual WoT lover can find people who share this love and experience WoT in a new way.
  • Love of WoT: WoTCon is meant to be all about the WoT story. Dedicated content creators and fans of all stripes are working to build out programming 100% centered on The Wheel of Time in all its forms!

What we are NOT:

  • Exclusive: There’s no such thing as “you shouldn’t come if you aren’t this kind of fan.” WoTCon is for casual fans, diehard fans, and anyone who wants to see what all the fun is about.
  • Insular: We are doing everything in our power to avoid cliques or dynamics that create the perception of “these fans and those fans”. We want to be welcoming to the fandom at large.
  • Stodgy: We are inspired, and want each year of WoTCon to grow in participation, ideas, and programming. WoTCon includes all the excitement of the new material and fans the TV show is sure to bring forward.
  • Boring: WoTCon should be full of energy and excitement. Everyone should be learning and sharing what they know positively and enthusiastically.
  • Too serious: WoT is a passion for fans, but that doesn’t mean we will avoid the hard topics. We want to address a broad array of points of view but always keep it friendly and discussion-based rather than argumentative or evasive.